Bennett Guthrie, PLLC serves as Gold Sponsor for Winston-Salem Ambassadors’ annual meeting

January 25, 2019 – The law firm of Bennett Guthrie, PLLC was proud to serve as the Gold Sponsor at the second annual meeting of the Winston-Salem Ambassadors, which was held on January 25, 2019 at the Winston Cup Museum in Winston-Salem. There were 150 people in attendance from local catering businesses to city officials and tickets were sold out a week prior to the event.

At the event attendees heard from Pat Ivey on the Business 40 bridge project, which is progressing ahead of schedule. Ivey said “we expect to open Broad Street Bridge in the next two months which is about a month ahead of schedule.” Pat thanked the people in attendance for bearing with the city while they work to make our home a safer place to travel in the coming years.

Attendees also heard from Jasmine Pitt, an associate attorney at Bennett Guthrie and a Winston-Salem native. Jasmine provided an inside perspective on how Winston-Salem has changed over the years and commented, “Winston-Salem downtown was just not a place you would go when I was growing up. Today I look around and find new places for food, and fun that were never there before and seem to be thriving.” Jasmine expressed excitement for the future of Winston-Salem and stated, “I am excited about the construction changes to the city because it means stability, and growth for the town and the people in it. The future looks bright for Winston-Salem and as a participating member of the community, I am excited to be part of the changes we see coming.”

At the end of the meeting, several women received the Ambassadors’ “Everyday Award,” which recognizes recipients for making Winston-Salem better simply because they are part of it. ​

Mackenzie Cates-Allen, the President for the Winston-Salem Ambassadors, commented after the event, “I am just so thankful for the support from all of our community sponsors. Without organizations like Bennett Guthrie, Di Lisio’s, Jimmy John’s 4th St., and all of the food sponsors we would not have been able to do this event. I think it is important as a community organization that we meet to share the impact and changes we have seen in the community from a variety of perspectives. We are better together and you are welcome here!”

The most exciting part of the whole event was observing the connectedness of all of the attendees. Everyone was greeting and parting with smiles and hugs.

Winston-Salem truly is a welcoming city and the team at Bennett Guthrie strives to be the change we wish to see in our town.

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